#passionate #creative #thoughtful #friendly #hardworker  Portrait by Kimberly Wolff

#passionate #creative #thoughtful #friendly #hardworker  Portrait by Kimberly Wolff

JC Buck is an architecture and interior photographer based in Denver, Colorado.  He practices in field traditional lighting techniques with modern digital capture, as well as post-processing of multiple exposure blending and composite techniques. His photographs are characterized as being exceptionally clean, sharp, realistic, and inviting.

JC possesses a diverse professional background, ranging from sales and marketing positions with Fortune 500 companies, to non-profits and startups. He caught the entrepreneurial bug after earning his MBA from the University of Colorado Denver, leading to the inception of JC Buck Studios, which is the perfect opportunity to blend his enthusiasm for marketing, architecture, and photography. With a background in corporate sales and marketing, he also has the customer service skills and problem solving abilities required to be successful in high-pressure environments.  

JC Buck has a very diverse cultural background, as well, which lends itself to the flexibility and adaptability of his work.  He is proud to call Denver home and is passionate about "living the Colorado lifestyle", actively biking through the summer and skiing during the winter.  Before landing in Denver in 2007, however, he lived in numerous large cities, including Boston, Atlanta, and Fort Lauderdale.  He grew up in Brussels, Belgium and Bloomington, Minnesota, and attended The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, where he received a B.A. in Marketing.

Photographing architecture is JC’s passion, and he loves the process of a well-thought-out architectural shoot. His style is meaningful, patient, and very detail-oriented.  JC, AKA "Buckycranks", invites you to connect and get to know Denver's friendliest and hardest-working architecture and interior photographer.



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