Commons Hotel Minneapolis / by JC Buck

Last month, I was in Minneapolis and had a few photo shoots scheduled, one was to produce some interior images of the Commons Hotel. The commons Hotel is a boutique property located on the University of Minnesota campus, a lively and very walkable community, within Minneapolis. 

The hotel’s interior is designed in an industrial schoolhouse chic style intended to bring out your inner geek. There is a library fireplace lounge that includes a book butler on call and plenty of comfortable seating and high top tables to relax, read and get work done. 

Commons Hotel Minneaapolis © JC Buck 2015

The hotel’s main community space was not only designed to accommodate guests, but also those in the U of M community. They encourage students to come in, hang out, study, etc.

I like the Commons Hotel because it is unique to Minneapolis. It’s not an interior design platform replicated across properties within the hotel group’s portfolio.

Over the past couple years, I’ve connected with an amazingly talented group of interior and architecture photographers all over the world through the social media network, Instagram. One group in particular is a very close knit group of Twin Cities’ based architecture photographers who create industry leading visual content for their clients and collaborate with Architecture MN magazine. I met up with a couple of the guys, for the first time, over coffee one morning. We immediately connected over architecture design, Photography, etc.. It was a very inspiring and fun meeting! 

Commons Hotel Minneapolis © JC Buck 2015

I felt even more welcomed back to Minneapolis(my hometown) when one of the guys, Pete Vondelinde,(check out his work, specifically his architecture cinema, its mesmerizing) offered to assist in my Commons Hotel shoot.  I had been there the night prior, but was going back to finish the signature photo of the space, the grand circular fireplace. I typically photograph interiors with off-camera lighting strobes or hot lights, but given the purpose of this photo shoot, I left the lights back in Denver. Pete was kind enough to help assist and bring a set of hot lights! We had a great time making interior photos of the grand central fireplace lounge area. It is the signature design element of the hotel. 

On your next trip to Minneapolis I encourage you to look beyond the standard business hotel and stay downtown at the Commons Hotel. I think you will find it to be a very comfortable an enjoyable stay.

Thank you Commons Hotel and Pete for a wonderful photo shoot!

-       JC