Nikon FE 35mm Film / by JC Buck

Today, I came across my scans from our annual Santa Fe Thanksgiving trip Liz and I take every year. I've been meaning to share some of the images that resonated with me from that weekend.

 I shot these on an old Nikon FE 35mm film camera using Ilford Panf Plus 50 Black and White film. There are so many things I love about shooting film; from film grain to the warm feel only film can create. However, my favorite thing about shooting film is how it slows me down. I only had 36 exposures in the one roll I shot and every capture counted. I took my time composing, manual focusing, etc. to record the scene. It's a very rewarding way to work in contrast to such a fast pace world we live in today.

 Lastly, the element of anticipation while having the film developed, and then viewing the prints for the first time a week later, is so rewarding. I just love it. I shoot film purely for fun these days, but if you ever want to showcase your work in a unique way, that will certainly stand out in today’s highly retouched digital files, let me know and let's give a roll of film a shot. - JC