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Denver Architectural Foundation

Denver Architectural Foundation

Why care about Architecture?

Well... you have to live in architecture. Work in architecture. Study in architecture. You can see where I am going with this. We all know the feeling of walking into an amazingly designed space and being in awe of it. Like many things, I judge architecture by how it makes me feel. When a space just feels good, those involved were successful. We want to feel comfortable, inspired, motivated to use spaces as they are intended to be used. When you think about it, architecture and design directly impacts our quality of life.

We can all have a voice and play a role in designing our city. I'm not a design professional, a real estate developer, an engineer, or someone with a trained background in architecture; I'm a former healthcare corporate sales executive who traded in stock options for camera gear to document and share something I am passionate about, architecture.

If you agree with me, that you should care about the buildings you have to work in, live in, learn in, and so on, then continue reading.



Yes! You are still here! I am excited to announce that I have joined the Board of Directors of the Denver Architectural Foundation. I am very grateful for this opportunity and am anxious to get started. I am joining many great folks to contribute to DAF's mission:

The Denver Architectural Foundation inspires people to explore our dynamic city, experience the importance of design to our quality of life, and envision an exceptional future for Denver.

This mission aligns perfectly with my architecture and design photography goals. It's my mission, through the projects I photograph, to promote, be an advocate and add to the narrative of architecture here in Denver and beyond.

I want to highlight the Denver Architectural Foundation's main programs and encourage you to learn more.

Doors Open Denver

Doors Open Denver, in my opinion, is one of the greatest civic events in our city. Run by volunteers and fueled by donations, buildings all over Denver open their doors for the general public to enter, tour and learn about the history, architecture, how they are used, etc.. With over 70 sites on tour in 2016, it truly provides an up close and personal look into Denver's architecture.

CAL - Cleworth Architectural Legacy Project

The CAL project is an exciting collaboration with Denver Public Schools to introduce our young people to architecture and design. Design professionals (architects, engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, graphic artists, etc.) create curriculum's and inspire and teach a range of school age children with workshops that place in January and February.

Hard Hat Tours

Throughout the year, in addition the Doors Open Denver event, DAF offers many architectural tours. The tours have become widely popular. Registration is online for a small fee with a discount available for DAF members.

Denver Botanic Gardens Science Pyramid by Burkett Design @ 2015 JC Buck

Denver Botanic Gardens Science Pyramid by Burkett Design @ 2015 JC Buck

My ask:

It's become more and more apparent to me how much we truly care about architecture, whether we realize it or not, whether we work in the field or not, architecture has an impact on our day to day quality of life.

As a photographer of the subject, I've noticed architecture is one of the most commonly photographed and shared subjects on social media. Just walk around the Denver Art Museum or the updated Union Station and you will see people with their mobile phones and cameras taking photos. Architecture is also a significant point of healthy debate regarding what direction we believe things should go, what is good design, how it effects us, and so on.

I have decided to make a commitment in DAF by joining the board. My purpose of this post is to share this wonderful organization with you. Inspire you to become a member. Add Doors Open Denver 2017 to your calendar and simply invest in your community, whether it is through an organization like DAF, or any other of the wonderful non-profits throughout our community striving to improve our quality of life here in Denver.

Here are ten ways you and or your company can get involved with the Denver Architectural Foundation:

  1. Save the date for Doors Open Denver 2017 – April 29 & 30

  2. Become a member. It's a modest contribution of $40.

  3. Purchase the DAF Architectural Guide Book. Arguably the most comprehensive source on Denver's built environment - $37.50

  4. Sign your company up for a corporate employee membership – great employee benefit!

  5. Are you a design professional who loves to teach and share? Run an architecture tour of a project you are involved in.

  6. Are you a builder, designer, in the industry? Showcase your work? Tell us about it. Join Doors Open Denver and become a tour site!

  7. Are you a company who has a great stake in Denver's success? Is your HQ here? Denver is a very young city. Be involved with shaping its growth. DAF is seeking corporate sponsorship for the foundation, Doors Open Denver and the CAL project.

  8. Share my post on social media!

  9. Share DAF's webpage and like our social media pages!

  10. Make a donation to my personal ColoradoGives Day friends and family fundraising campaign benefiting DAF. :-) If not familiar with ColoradoGives, check it out, it's an amazing fundraising platform benefiting more than 1800 Colorado non-profit organizations!

Thank you to the folks at the Denver Architectural Foundation. I am very excited to continue promoting the work of our talented designers throughout Denver. If you have any questions and would like to meet up with me to chat more, let me know! Have a great weekend!

- JC

Goss Corner designed by Range Architecture @ 2016 JC Buck

Goss Corner designed by Range Architecture @ 2016 JC Buck

Harpa Concert Hall

Harpa Concert Hall

Proto Homes

Proto Homes