Arrive Hotel / by JC Buck

Palm Springs

Liz and I were in Palm Springs recently for her nephew's wedding. It was a beautiful and busy weekend with friends and family. I was in vacation mode, enjoying the wedding, and left my camera equipment in the car. However, since I was in Palm Springs, there was one place I had been looking forward to checking out. I made sure Liz and I had an opportunity to break away from the action packed weekend to visit Chris Pardo's Arrive Palm Springs!   

Like so many amazing designers, I learned about Chris's work through Instagram. I just started following him one day. His firm is split between Palm Springs and Seattle with projects all over the United States. His work is absolutely amazing and his Instagram feed is fun and inspiring to follow. I feel like I watched Arrive being built with all of his behind the scenes and construction status photos.

Liz and I only had 30 minutes to stop in, grab a coffee and take some photos. It was very early in the morning, hence the beautiful desert light and lack of crowd. The CorTen steel butterfly roof-lines resemble the surrounding mountains while the Hotel's design clearly pays tribute to the Mid Century Modernism Palm Springs is known for.  

Pardo and his team have designed more than a hotel. It’s a community. One that invites locals in to hang out, grab a drink with guests, go for their morning coffee, indulge in some ice cream, and simply have fun. Everything at Arrive is designed from a social perspective with its amazing public pool, lounge area and inside/outside bar that anchors the intimate 32 room hotel community. They don't even have a lobby, you check in at the bar! How cool is that?! I'll take a cold beer with my room key, please! 

I just booked a couple nights there for an upcoming Palm Springs photography project I have planned. More to come from Arrive Palm Springs! 

- JC