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Architecture MN  - Wayfarer

Architecture MN - Wayfarer

Today, I received my copy of Architecture MN magazine featuring my photograph of Frank Gehry's Dancing House in Prague. Having been born and raised in the Twin Cities, it was very cool to make a small contribution to the hometown magazine.

I am impressed with the quality and content of the magazine, editor Chris Hudson’s leadership and the collaboration between writers and photographers to bring together a truly remarkable bi-monthly piece of print.  It's inspiring. From what I can tell, the magazine is one of the country’s best AIA sponsored publications.

Below is the text and tear sheet from my Wayfarer feature in the current March/April issue:

Cover © Paul Crosby Wayfare Feature © JC Buck

Fred & Ginger

Nicknamed after Hollywood’s iconic dance partners, the DANCING HOUSE in Prague, designed by Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunic together with Frank Gehry, radiates the energy and creativity of a country celebrating its transition from communist rule to parliamentary democracy. Its rooftop metal sculpture, Medusa, pays tribute to the historic onion domes of nearby buildings.

For this photograph, I crossed a bridge over the Danube River to view the landmark in its riverfront environment. I threw on a 135mm lens to capture this portrait of two dynamic architectural forms – the concrete Fred and the glass Ginger – twisting and turning in all their glory.

-   Photographer, J.C. Buck

© 2015 JC Buck

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