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Freight Residences

Freight Residences

Freight Residences was designed for urban families.  

Live here. Work here. Raise your kids here. Its all about community. This is the lifestyle Taxi has successfully represented for years. 

Protected from busy streets, Freight offers just enough privacy from all the bars and restaurants conveniently across the river, but not your front door when its time to go to bed.  

One, two, three and even four bedroom apartments are available. Ditching a standard builder's brown color scheme. The striking orange paint throughout is refreshing and fun.  

Light leaks in through center room sky lights to floor plans that span the with of the building. The signature design feature is a full size transparent garage door in each unit. 

Freight Residence was designed by Dynia Architects, with Barker, Rinker, Seacrat as the Architect of record. It's the latest project at Taxi, developed by the Zeppelin Group. In a city going through massive growth mainly targeted to young single professionals, Freight offers a truly unique option to the urban family.

The Landmark

The Landmark

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