Jubilee Tree / by JC Buck

"The Jubilee is a light and tree inspired by mid-century modern design. Its clean and timeless lines make it fit among any style home decor. Truly innovative and minimalist construction allow for easy setup and storage. Being cordless, you can display The Jubilee anywhere in your home, office, and every other space you can think of.  While small in stature, this tree casts big glowing patterns throughout any size room. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or reading a bedtime story, The Jubilee is a unique product and available for a limited time on Kickstarter." - Modern Christmas Trees

The new Jubilee Tree © 2016 JC Buck


I've been working with my good friend and client, Matt Bliss, for three years now. He is the owner of Modern Christmas Trees, a company that has brought to market his Grandfather's original modern family tree designed back in the 60's. The tree is made of acrylic rings, ornaments, and a powerful LED light that illuminates a space with mesmerizing glowing patterns and shadows. 

The tree is truly a unique product guaranteed to be noticed and the conversation piece of any holiday party. It provides stunning lighting to any architectural space. I've had the opportunity to photograph the Modern Christmas Trees in some of the nation's most iconic homes, from the Sculpture House designed by Charles Deaton in Colorado to the Case Study #22 Stahl House by Pierre Koenig in Los Angeles.

Large Tree at the Sculptured House © 2015 JC Buck

 The new Jubilee Tree © 2016 JC Buck

The new Jubilee Tree © 2016 JC Buck


Today, the company is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund its latest product, a table top tree, called the Jubilee Tree. The tree stands 33 inches tall, making it a perfect decorative product for an end table, business reception desk, night table, small spaces, etc... I know I am going to pick one up for my studio!  

The original tree, and flagship product of Modern Christmas Trees, is 7.5 Ft tall with a 41 inch base that hangs from the ceiling. The company also offers a medium tree standing 6 ft. with a 33.5 inch base and a half tree version that sits against a wall at 6 ft. tall with a 33.5 inch x 16.6 inch base. The all new Jubilee Tree completes the product offering with a perfect small scale sized option.

Large Tree at the Stahl House, LA © 2015 JC Buck

 The new Jubilee Tree © 2016 JC Buck

The new Jubilee Tree © 2016 JC Buck

I am proud to have been a part of this Kickstarter campaign by creating all the sill images. Matt brought together a very strong team of creative and business professionals to bring the Kickstarter campaign to life. Please take a look at the new Jubilee Tree and support this amazing Colorado company and its latest product.

- JC

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