The Landmark / by JC Buck

Back in April I posted a gallery on the blog of several different Landmark interiors I photographed during the winter months. Recently, I went back to the Landmark to work with two families to photograph their homes, for a spread in Colorado Homes & Lifestyle magazine. Both photo shoots were a lot of fun and I am very happy with how the piece came together.

Thank you East West Partners for selecting me as your photographer for this project. I also want to thank assistant and set designer Kimberly Wolff. She is a joy to work with and is a wonderful portrait photographer as well. Check out her work!  

Lastly, I would like to thank the owners, Lisa, Kyle, Steve & Sara for opening your homes to us. We enjoyed working with you and loved capturing the essence of both of your beautiful high-rise condominiums. Congratulations on being selected to have your beautiful spaces featured in Colorado Homes & Lifestyle magazine!  


Colorado Homes & Lifestyle Magazine - Photography © 2016 JC Buck

Colorado Homes & Lifestyle Magazine - Photography © 2016 JC Buck

Lisa & Kyle

Steve & Sara

© 2016 JC Buck