Fortrust / by JC Buck

I had the opportunity to spend three days photographing FORTRUST, a Tier III data center in Denver. This was my first experience inside a data center and I was fascinated by it. Due to security I had a little entourage with me at all times which made for a fun day, at least for me. I'm not sure how much the crew enjoyed watching me obsess over angles and leading lines. As an architectural photographer, my eye is drawn to lines and geometric shapes. This shoot was a dream for someone with my visual language.

If you are in the IT field and are involved with storage decisions, I highly recommend taking a tour of this facility. I was so impressed with the entire company, from its executive team, to the marketing folks I worked directly with, to the security professionals, to the beautiful and amazingly clean data center! Not that I have anything to compare too, but FORTRUST is doing several things that make them unique in the field from what I learned while I was there. I'll direct you to the company's site to learn more as I don't want to accidentally misrepresent.

Thank you FORTRUST for a wonderful photo shoot!

- JC