Great Colorado Sand Dunes / by JC Buck

Mosca, CO

Earlier this week a friend of mine, Derek Friday, and I decided to drive down to the Great Colorado Sand Dunes. I had been to the Dunes before and ever since have been itching to go back. 

The dunes are absolutely breathtaking. They feel like you're on a different planet. They are another example of how nature reminds you of what is truly important in life. Nature is good at that.
I didn’t think about work. I didn't think about bills. I was in the moment. It was a perfect day. A perfect escape from endless negative news. A perfect escape from my own endless pressure and ever increasing fast paced lifestyle.
We didn’t really have any particular goals in mind for this trip. We simply wanted to get out of our heads, away from the day to day and spend time in this magical place. 

Derek is an ultra distance runner and had brought his trail running gear. I did too. But, with 50+ mph winds we opted for hiking and traversing the dunes, which ended up being all the work out I needed. This proved to be a wake up call, my endurance levels of the past are not representing today. 

I had also brought with me several rolls of expired color film and two 35mm SLR cameras. I was hoping to create some expired film surprises. However, the cameras are special to me, and due to the wind conditions, I opted to keep them in the car. I used a Fuji mirror-less camera and made these photographs. I digitally altered them to elicit the surreal feeling I experienced on the dunes.

I have found most people here in Denver, even the local natives, have never been down to the dunes. Do yourself a favor, schedule a day trip down there. Yes, it’s a lot of driving, but totally worth it.
- JC
PS – My buddy Derek is an amazing Environmental Graphic Designer who works all over the world, lately primarily in Germany. Check out his Instagram. He has a great feed.