Coloradan Art Wall by Cultivator / by JC Buck

Denver, CO

I absolutely love the new Coloradan Art Wall! And this wall doesn't divide or keep people out, it invites you to celebrate our Colorado lifestyle! 

East West Partners is promoting its latest project, the Coloradan, artistically, emotionally and beautifully. Missing on the construction site fence are the typical company names and feature filled banners with words like "luxury, high end amenities, etc.." 

While the Coloradan will certainly be all those things, East West Partners went for a deeper connection with this promotional art installation. Through a locally sourced, inspiring and beautiful approach, they accurately portray why we make, or should make, Denver our home.

Take a look through my photos of the installation designed by Chris Beatty with Cultivator, a local Denver based creative advertising agency, and ask yourself which ones apply to you. I think my favorite and most defining piece encompassing my life in Colorado is the suitcase handles. It reads "Being a Coloradan means: We're always exploring something new." This is what life is all about for me. 


The Coloradan is the final piece of the Union Station puzzle —- the last building to go vertical in the area surrounding the train platform and canopy and the only opportunity to own a piece of this newly iconic neighborhood.
— Chris Frampton, managing partner of East West Partners.