RiNo Loft / by JC Buck


Recently, our friends Kimberly (fellow photographer) and Sean had Liz and I over for drinks and I noticed how much they had updated their loft and said we should photograph it sometime. The photography and lighting nerds that Kimberly and I are, we got together recently to create a few interior photographs.

Back when I photographed real estate listings I shot their loft for the listing agent that Kimberly and Sean purchased from. Since then, they have painted the entire loft, installed a fireplace, updated the kitchen with a new back splash, new counter top and styled the place with modern furniture and art from Kimberly's portfolio and fellow artist friends.

Kimberly is a talented photographer and I encourage you to check out her Instagram feed and web portfolio. She has many beautiful large format prints for sale, like the black and white cityscape seen in a couple of the photos. Sean, her husband is behind some very exciting projects in town. He was one of the founding partners of Industry and is now the developer for the highly anticipated new World Trade Center in RiNo!

Thank you to Kimberly and Sean for hanging out and making some photos of your loft! And as always, thank you for stopping by and checking out my photography. Have a great day!

- JC