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I’ve said it hundreds of times, I love how social media has connected us. Yes, its easy to get down on social media these days, as there are a lot of problems with the way platforms are structured and there is ample growing amounts of evidence of the negative implications of social media. However, I continue to be touched by the outpouring kindness and authentic friendships I have experienced as a result of how we are connected online.

Earlier this week, Nancy Bratton, a newcomer to Denver from Washington D.C. reached out to me via Instagram and mentioned she could tell I was a fan of the Denver Art Museum (DAM), from my photography, and that she had an extra ticket to an upcoming architectural tour by Darrin Alfred, the museum’s curator of architecture, design and graphics.

I was thrilled with the invite. Nancy and I had not met, but followed one another’s work on Instagram. Upon arrival I ran into two other friends, Kimberly Wolff (photographer who shot my portrait on this page) and Jenna McNight (contributing editor to Dezeen.com) who I have gotten to know over the past few years, and whom I also met on instagram.

Darrin gave each of us a beautiful set of thank you cards featuring DAM photographs by Wayne Thom, an architectural photographer who had an extensive career documenting architecture spanning five decades. Wired published a nice piece about Wayne and his brutalist architectural photography a few years back.

The hour or so tour consisted of an overview of the Denver Art Museum’s North Building designed by Italian architect, Gio Ponti. Ponti was third in line for consideration. Originally, I.M Pei and Le Cubusier were number one and two, but both were too busy to take on the commission. Ponti, was enthusiastic about the project and was awarded the job. For the prolific Italian architect and designer, the million glass tile castle like structure is his only American building, something we are very proud of here in Denver.

Darrin provided a thorough overview of the the renovations underway, from modernizing the insulation of the building, activating its rooftop for visitor usage, and adding new exhibit space. He also spent time going over the new circular Welcome Center addition that sits between Daniel Libeskind’s Hamilton building and Gio Point’s North Building.

I could go on, but I will save the details for a more thorough feature once the museum addition and renovation is completed. My point to this daily photo is don’t lose site of all the positive aspects of social media. Find your tribe, connect and support one another. The old and new friendships I have developed online, many of which have turned into person to person relationships has resulted in a community of peers that find invaluable in a field that one can easily be isolated. I feel very fortunate.


PS - Support your local museums and become a member. I always walk away from visiting our museums in Denver inspired. Today was another one of those days. Thank you again to Darrin for a wonderful tour.

*Also, Architectural Digest published a comprehensive article on the DAM expansion and renovation if you are interested in learning more.

James Sudler

James Sudler