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This past May I joined five of my architectural photographer colleagues, Pete Vondeline, Pete Sieger, Chris Hudson, Morgan Sheff, and Arnoud Marthouret, in New Haven, Connecticut for a long weekend of photography and camaraderie.

This is the third year I have met up with this group and the trips have become some of the highlights of my year. When working as a soloist I have found it is so important to connect with my peers. I continue to learn and be inspired by this photography collective. I have enjoyed getting to know these guys, all of which are friendships that started on social media.

Over the past few years we have photographed the brutalist architecture of University of California San Diego, Chicago’s Miesien master pieces, Paolo Soleri’s experimental city of Arcosanti, the desert modern buildings of Phoenix and most recently the modernist gems of the Yale Campus with the Beinecke Library and Ingalls rink being my personal favorites.

This photo is of the spinal cord of the Ingalls rink designed by Eero Saarinen, a Yale graduate himself, and one of the America’s most notable mid century architects.

I didn’t really care for this building in its entirety, but was drawn to the spinal cord, which is literally the back bone of the structure, a 290 ft reinforced concrete arch supporting a timber roof hanging down from each side supported by cables stabilizing the spine from the wind.

I thought the spinal design was visually beautiful and structurally interesting and made for a powerful abstract composition. The simple ice rink structure in full resembles a whale according to the locals, who call it the Yale Whale. :)

If I make it back to New Haven someday, I hope to experience and photograph the interior!


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