Stahl House by JC Buck

This photo was taken late February, 2015.  had just spent a month in California living out of a rental camper van. I had traveled the entire state taking pictures and this was my last photo shoot, working for Modern Christmas Trees at the Stahl House.  It truly was a remarkable experience that I’ll cherish for ever. In this shot, Matt and his crew just finished setting up. All we had to do was wait for the sun to go down. What an amazing night!  

Buck House by JC Buck

Last time I was in Los Angeles I had to find this house, we share something in common, we have the same name. This is the Buck house designed by Rudolph Schindler for John J. Buck, an interior designer of clothing stores. My name is John C Buck. I don’t think we are related, but I haven’t looked into it. There is not much online about this house, its rarely published. If anyone knows anything about this home, please contact me. I would love to meet the owners. I tried, but no one was home. - JC

Buck House, Los Angeles © 2017 JC Buck

Beloved Village Community by JC Buck

I've been intrigued by tiny houses over the past few years for a whole host of reasons. I like the simplicity to them. I'm interested in the low costs, accessibility, and portability these simple structures provide. They have the ability to solve some of our greatest housing issues from affordability to disaster relief shelters.  

Yesterday, a friend of mine and I were chatting about tiny houses and she told me about the Beloved Community Village, Denver's first Tiny House community specifically designed to help the homeless. The community is a collaboration with Colorado Village Collaborative and to my understanding is all partner funded and volunteer built. The community will have 11 tiny houses and accommodate up to 22 people. It will start as a 180 day pilot program and then the tiny houses are planned to be moved to another site. Currently, the temporary zoning approved for the project only allows for the tiny houses to be in one location for up to six months. 

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Dado by JC Buck

Our work is modern, our aesthetic is crisp and our approach is hands on. We work closely with you to create elevated residential and commercial spaces that express a clean, progressive aesthetic from design concept to project installation. No two spaces are alike and our precise design solutions are tailored to fit your aesthetic and functional needs.
— Megan Moore, Dadō