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Transforming Cities

Transforming Cities

Denver, Colorado

I was recently a guest on the Transforming Cities podcast hosted by Chris Arnold with Authentic Form & Function, a Denver based firm offering design and technology services along with digital tools, built specifically for urban projects.

We discussed passions, social collaboration, education, and self-assigning work as a means to grow within your craft.

You will learn about my childhood in Europe, my earlier career in the corporate world, how I transitioned into the photography industry, and why I believe architecture is so important to our lives.

Make yourself a cup of coffee, relax and give it a listen!


PS - The photo featured above is of the ATRIA Townhomes in Denver, Colorado designed by Meridian 105. The new townhomes are for sale and have been turned into a shop-able real estate experience hosted by Guesthouse Shop and Slate Real Estate Advisors. Check out its website, featuring my photography, to learn more.

I chose to feature Meridian 105’s townhomes for this podcast because they were designed by a small group of talented architects pushing the way we think of urban residential design. Furthermore, Jorgen Jensen (Slate Real Estate) and Alex Ryden (Guesthouse Shop) have come together in a collaborative process working with local makers to offer a new way to market the Denver townhomes. The two entrepreneurs have also been featured on the Transforming Cities podcast.

Season Two of Transforming Cities Podcast

Transforming Cities highlights the people who are rethinking the way cities are built. We interview planners, designers, technologists, architects, and others who contribute to improving the urban experience

Episode 1 - Jay Wall - Design and communications for social change and the public good

Jay is the principal and creative director of Toronto-based RallyRally. We were able to speak on his design studio that has found itself dedicated to social change and discuss how he found himself designing for his own clients. We also touch on a moment that forged his purpose, along with the many inclusive themes RallyRally's work focuses on.

Episode 2 - Jonathan Westeinde - A defined “One Planet Living” approach to development

As the founder and CEO of Windmill Developments, we sat down with Jonathan to discuss his background before Windmill became one of Canada’s most well-known green building developers. With a track record rooted in finance, he brings an innovative approach to defining ROI and eco-positive outcomes on development projects.

Episode 3 - Antoinette Marie Johnson - Built-environment growth; and the impact of people

We met with Antoinette to hear what the drive is behind Cohere, a creative agency she leads focused on place-based storytelling. While she often finds herself unifying stakeholders in real estate and F&B projects, she has a unique history in planning and mapping with a twist of urban insight that brings fresh layers to the built-environment conversation.

Episode 4 - Alex Ryden - Curating and development a better way to stage properties

Alex Ryden comes from an agency background, but recently found himself building a new startup called Guest House. On this episode discuss how GH evolved into what it is becoming today: a real estate staging company that's turning homes into retail stores for local makers. Its origin story is something you might not expect, either.

Episode 5 - JC Buck - Sharing and educating with urban architecture photography

Denver based architectural photographer JC Buck didn't start his career as one behind the lens; far from it, in fact. Since his professional evolution, he's found himself most fascinated with public architecture and cutting edge engineering marvels. He discusses his role in the urban space and what sharing and collaboration online has come to mean for his growth.

Episode 6 - Vicki Bartling - How cities are being leveraged today to advance and grow business

Vicki Bartling isn't your typical corporate marketing mind. With an education in architecture and design research, she's found herself focused on marketing innovation in the real estate industry through a lens that might surprise you: how a city functions for business at a core level. We discuss her background, travel, and current interests in CRE innovation.

Authentic F&F is a digital studio helping developers, architects, planners, and designers launch innovative urban projects. Our services combine broad technical capabilities with a diligent creative process. Our dynamic team assists with all types of digital projects—websites, apps, e-commerce, and custom builds—in addition to the Amplify platform.

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